Alexis C. Garcia

Alexis C. Garcia, an Afro-Puerto Rican woman sets the costume of a figure dressed as Death. The background is a movie set with camera and crew at work.

is a Puerto Rican living in the Diaspora born in the Bronx, NY, she spent her adolescence in Miami, FL, and most summers in Puerto Rico. This geography’s important because it would shape her lens as a writer / director. The granddaughter of a spiritist healer who owned a botánica (spiritual pharmacy) for many years, … Read more

Selina Morales

Selina, a female with medium brown skin, arranged flowers in watermelon halves at the beach. The watermelons are on a yellow wooden table and a palm tree blows in the wind.

is an inheritor of a life sustaining tradition of Puerto Rican folk healing and spirit work. For four decades, she has studied at the knee of her grandmother, a spirit medium and healer. She offers her inheritance to her family and community as critical tools for the pursuit of social justice. Selina is a folklorist, … Read more