We’re Souls More than Anything

Medium brown hands held palm to palm, with flowers and leaves being crushed between them. Below the hands is a bowl of water, also filled with plants. The bowl sits on top of a concrete wall.

Title: We’re Souls More than Anything  Description: This film will reveal the role of traditional medicine in a matrix of contemporary healthcare practices in Puerto Rico and will illuminate how espiritista healers living in Puerto Rico work to contribute to the health and wellness of Puerto Ricans across the world. Format: Documentary Status: Research and … Read more

La Casa de Luz

An offering to Oshun, yellow sunflowers in a glass vase and a lit yellow candle on a windowsill

Title: La Casa de Luz Synopsis: Lucy returns to Puerto Rico to care for her grandmother, who suffers from late-stage dementia, but her world is turned upside down when Abuela’s unexpected mental clarity reveals her time is limited. An emotional road trip ensues with Abuela, and Lucy’s estranged mother, Teresa, unraveling buried tensions, and leading … Read more

Daughter of the Sea (2022)

Five woman stand on the beach at sunset. Their clothes are colorful and their skin colors range from dark brown to white. The women stare off camera with looks of care.

Title: Daughter Of The Sea

Synopsis: An ominous vision preempts the passing of Yanise’s grandfather. Unable to return to Puerto Rico immediately, Yanise (Princess Nokia) arrives three months later and is welcomed by her family. At breakfast, she describes a recurring dream of being held in the ocean. Her grandmother recognizes it as a calling from Yemayá.

Format: Narrative Short (19 min)

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